To all of our clients and friends who are in the UK and listening to the news. Perhaps we can add a bit of clarity as the British headlines over the last couple of days have been a little confusing.

We are NOT back in lockdown. We are NOT on curfew until May.

Spain is split into different autonomous regions. The measures announced over the weekend were to give these regions powers to stop movement to and from their region or between provinces (like counties) to stop the spread of the disease.

For example, here in the Malaga province, in which most of the Costa del Sol is situated, the situation is not as bad as in the Granada region. So the Andalucian region can choose to draw up more stringent rules for the Granada region to reduce the infection rate and spread. The reason the date in May has been published is so the National Government don´t have to keep coming back to parliament to keep giving extension after extension after extension.

They have given certain permissions to the regions until this time to make sure they can control their own situation and tailor circumstances accordingly.

Andalucia has closed its borders to people can´t come in to the region or leave the region. This is largely to stop people with holiday homes here in the region from travelling from other more infected parts of Spain.

We have to wear masks everywhere we go, but we have pretty much been doing that since the end of our national lockdown a few months ago. That is the new norm for us and if it means we can carry on with our daily lives, then we are all really happy with that.

We just ask for you to read between the headlines and don´t believe the hype.