Buying Costs 


The costs for buying property in Spain are slightly different, dependent on whether you are buying a brand-new property from a developer or a previously owned property which has been deeded. We call them Resales properties. 

Here is a quick overview of the different costs involved. Don’t forget that we will walk you through these costs. 

Resale properties:

Transfer Tax (ITP) 7% – this is currently a flat rate to encourage growth in the Andalucía region. 

New Properties from Developers:

IVA 10% of price agreed (VAT) and 

Stamp Duty (AJD) 1.2% (this is currently reduced from 1.5%) 

Rest of other costs below are the same for Resales or New Developments:

Notary and Land Registry Fees- No more than 0.25% of the asking price for both- If the sale of the property is above 1 million, the percentage would be lower. 

Legal Fees- 1% -1.5% of the asking price. 

Mortgage Fees- if you decide to buy the property financed by a bank in Spain you will have to organize a valuation, the cost of this varies from 500€ - 2.000€.

The rest of costs for deeding the mortgage are paid by the bank

Property Survey - It is advisable to instruct a property surveyor to check the current state of installations of the property. The cost of this ranges between 500€ - 2500€ depending on the size of the property and the amount of work required. This cost is usually covered by the buyer. 

Survey is not needed when purchasing a brand new property as you will receive a builders guarantee (Seguro Decenal)

Bank Charges- Transactions of purchase in Spain are usually paid by “Cheque Bancario” (Bankers drafts) which is issued by your bank. The banks charge a fee for issuing these cheques so check with them.

Spanish banks also charge fees when you are transferring large sums of money between countries and/or in other form of currencies. It is highly recommendable to use a currency exchange company who will offer you the best rates on the market and also save you from high transfer costs. 

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About Us


IPP Spain is a family run real estate agency which has been working on the Costa del Sol for 20 years. We look after clients wanting to buy property from Malaga all the way to Estepona - from studios and apartments to multi-million euro villas. Some people are looking for their dream second home, others want a lucrative holiday rental property and many are now relocating to Spain for a change in lifestyle.

We are a mix of Spanish and English speakers and our aim is to make the property buying experience in Spain a pleasure for our clients. 

We help them every step of the buying process, including support finding Spanish mortgages and connecting them with our own lawyers who offer a special discount for our clients. 

We also offer a property management service for those clients who wish to rent out their properties for winter or long-term rentals. 

We have access to all the new build projects, saving you a lot of time and being able to guide you with our market knowledge. Buying directly from the developer will not save you any money.