Are you looking for your dream home in Spain or an investment property? Did you know that you now need the special Spanish ID card to be able to buy your property.
It is not a simple process to be able to apply. We have to liaise with Spanish immigration, accountants, lawyers and Spanish police to be able to secure the right documentation. Then appointments have to be booked well in advance and there is currently high demand and not many appointments due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
Though, at the moment, it is a straight forward process and potential new Spanish residents don´t need to provide a huge amount of documentation at this stage if they apply before the 31st December 2020.

Act Now 

But, as tends to happen in Spain, this is very likely to change in the new year when the transition period is over and the UK is officially out of the EU.
We are advising all of our clients who are considering buying a property in the next 12 months to seriously consider getting their new Spanish ID in place right now and before the end of the year.
To find out more about what needs to be done to get your Spanish ID and how we would work on your behalf to get your ID in place and ready for you to buy your dream home or investment property, you can email [email protected] and we can advise you further.

Getting Around Quarantine

The quarantine period has caused havoc with so many people´s Spanish holidays this summer, but many of our clients are opting for virtural tours of properties, so they can shortlist or rule out properties on their wish list. The minute the quarantine is reduced or lifted and they can get out here to buy, they will be in the perfect position to act straight away and secure their dream home or investment property.