Working from home or even from another country has become more and more of a realistic opportunity for millions of people since the pandemic hit. So many of us have realised how what we do is not reliant on a massive commute, eight to 10 hours (or more) in an office and then a mammoth journey home through the rush hour traffic. We can save hours travelling every day, spend more quality time with friends and family, and save money on petrol or transport costs. How about the prospect of working from Spain? How about the prospect of working from a beach or a beachside cafe? There are lots of benefits to the new ´working from home´ trend.

IPP Spain has noticed a big spike in the number of enquiries from people who have discovered their work can be done from anywhere during lockdown and are now looking at relocation options here on the Costa del Sol. Working from Spain is becoming a realistic option for many.
And interestingly enough, many new developments are now offering co-working spaces to accommodate this new generation of working habits. Desks, chairs, sofas, offices, meeting spaces and internet connections are all provided in these uber cool spaces.
We have brand new developments in Malaga, Fuengirola, Marbella and Estepona all offering some form of co-working space for new residents buying their villas, townhouses and apartments. Spas and gyms in new developments have become expected, but co-working spaces are just emerging as the latest trend among developers.
This is an amazing brand new development in Fuengirola that will have co-working space...
Ever thought of relocating to Spain? It is easier than you think. We have been helping people for 20 years to move to Spain and the Costa del Sol. For more information, contact our team of experts at IPP Spain – [email protected] and we can help you understand how it might work for you and what is involved.